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Baja SAE

       Baja SAE consists of three regional competitions that simulate real-world engineering design projects and their related challenges. Engineering students are tasked to design and build an off-road vehicle capable of surviving the severe punishment of rough terrain.

       The object of the competition is to challenge SAE student members with a project that involves the planning and manufacturing tasks found when introducing a new product to the consumer industrial market. Teams compete against one another to have their design accepted for manufacture by a fictitious firm. Students must function as a team to not only design, build, promote, and test a vehicle within the limits of the rules, but also to generate financial support for their project and manage their educational priorities.

Cal Poly Pomona Baja SAE

       Cal Poly Pomona Baja SAE gives students a venue to apply the engineering they have learned in the classroom. The challenges experienced throughout the SAE design competition provide students with design, management, leadership, and team-working skills. The Baja SAE team definitely supports “learn by doing.”

       While club membership usually consists of mechanical engineering and engineering technology students, participation is not limited to these majors. The simulated real-world engineering design project provides challenges and opportunities for a wide range of majors. Building, testing, financing, promoting, and competing are all part of the Baja SAE competition.


A Glimpse

Please check out our promotional video to get a visual of what we're about! Cal Poly Pomona Baja SAE Promo Video (2015-2016)


Interest & Contact

Anyone interested in joining the Baja SAE team this school year can be a team member. The Baja SAE team works in the Engineering Projects Lab every Friday in the afternoon. If you are interested in joining the team or just checking out what the team does during their working hours come to the Engineering Projects Lab in Building 17 Room 1456. Send in your information below, along with interests and experience you have if you want to get involved!

Cal Poly PomonaSAE

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